Alishia Blake


I had wanted to join Shake from the moment I first saw them perform in a show in Bournemouth. Amazed by the professionalism of such young dancers and inspired by the high standards of dance I wanted to be part.

Trained by experienced teachers, passionate about the dance profession, and amidst a diverse group of talented individuals, I was encouraged to push boundaries and encompass my existing skills in dance, whilst exploring new styles. Provided with the opportunities to take workshops, delivered by some of the best choreographers and performers in the industry and in addition given the opportunities to perform in a variety of events, I was able to excel in the style.

Shake provided me with the experience of working both as an individual and as part of a team, and assisted me in becoming a competent performer, competing at both national and international levels of dance (European and World Championships).

In 2012 I gained a full scholarship to Urdang Performing Arts Academy in London on a 3 year diploma in Professional Dance and Musical Theatre. I have excelled in street dance and commercial dance and whilst I must accept that my achievements are as the result of hard work and personal dedication, Shake laid the foundations, supported me on my journey, and to date have followed my progress into the industry, still maintaining an interest in their students following their departure from the school. 


As a current student at Northern School of Contemporary dance I would not see myself here without the time spent at Shake Dance. Continuous opportunities have come up that I can claim due to skills of team work, communication, organisation, dedication, creative thinking and confidence that were learnt during shake. Shake taught us to push ourselves to our best, be ambitious and follow it through with hard work.

Leaving Shake I started university at Creative Academy following the dance styles that I had previously learnt from Shake, and began learning ballet, jazz and contemporary. It became clear to me that Shake had given me a bodily awareness that even the ballet trained dancers could not find. The speed in picking up choreography and applying notes, skills that I am now aware are highly valued in both teachers and choreographers, were learnt at Shake.

It is clear without Shake Dance to kickstart my interest in dance I would not be an employed choreographer and a employable dancer.