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Shake was founded in 2003 by Artistic Director Rachel King with one simple aim - to bring the very best street dance training to the South Coast. Inspired by her own professional training in LA, New York and Europe under the worlds best instructors, Rachel aimed to create a place dancers can depend on for quality teaching/training. Her passion for dance and her community is visible in her unwavering commitment to Shake 14 years later. 

Our biggest priority is making Shake a fun place to dance, knowing that if a person enjoys something they will excel at it. Dancers of all ages and abilities can learn in a warm and friendly environment where challenge, hard-work and fun is important. Every dancer at Shake is encouraged and supported to grow to their full potential by a faculty of top teachers. 

Not only do we focus on developing and strengthening dance skill, we also focus on helping people achieve their goals and dreams in dance. Dancers at Shake have had the privilege of performing at some of the UK’s biggest venues including for 10,000 people at Wembley Arena, for royalty at St James Palace, with Diversity on their arena tour as well as to sold out audiences at The London Palladium, 02 Arena and The Royal Albert Hall. Shake have appeared on Got To Dance, Alesha Dixon’s Street Dance Stars, Daybreak, BBC news and featured in music videos and films including the 2013 release ‘All Stars’. Shake have won the UK championships on several occasions giving them the honour of representing the UK in European and World Championships in Germany, Amsterdam, Glasgow and Denmark. At the 2015 World Street Dance Championships Shake’s Over 18 advanced team were placed 2nd, their Under 14 advanced team were placed 5th.


Our classes are always fun with a great atmosphere, inspiring dancers to reach their full potential in a variety of street dance styles in both choreography and freestyle. Our unrivalled team of expert instructors bring a wealth of knowledge, energy and passion and to add to their teaching skill have all had professional performance experience.

At Shake we adopt a unique approach and structure in our classes allowing dancers to equip themselves with a solid foundation in a variety of street dance styles as well as offering a genuine progression route to higher level techniques:


These classes are designed for aspiring dancers with little to no street dance experience. These classes focus on building a strong foundation in a variety of street dance styles and techniques. Our class instructors have a great sense of patience, fun and understanding and make sure every dancer feels comfortable and confident in class, enabling them to develop their individual skills. Classes are weekly with a duration of 1 hour per class. 

level 2 - drills class:

2 hour intensive weekly class that focuses on enhancing quality of movement and execution of dance techniques and styles. The class is suitable for dancers progressing from our foundation classes or for dancers starting Shake with some background wishing to strengthen their basic techniques. 


Geared towards advanced level dancers and usually focused on challenging choreography. We call it application class as application of techniques is the main focus. In each class our instructors will share different ways of applying a technique/style through a routine. This is to also spark ideas in students on how they can apply the techniques they learn in both the creation of choreography and vocabulary for  their freestyle.  Classes are weekly with a duration of 2 hours per class. 






Age 5-7 

Tuesday - 5:30 - 6:30pm, Drama Studio @ Ringwood School, BH24 1SE

Age 8-10

Tuesday - 5:30 - 6:30pm, Dance Studio @ Ringwood School, BH24 1SE

Age 11-15

Tuesday, 6:30 - 7:30pm, Dance Studio @ Ringwood School, BH24 1SE


Youth/Under 16

Wednesday - 5:30 - 7:30pm,  Drama Studio @ Ringwood School, BH24 1SE

ADVANCEd application class

Youth/Under 16

Wednesday - 5:30 - 7:30pm,  Dance Studio @ Ringwood School, BH24 1SE

Age 16+/Adult

Wednesday - 7:30 - 9:30pm, Dance Studio @ Ringwood School, BH24 1SE




School Years 7 - 11

Monday - 3:15 - 4:15pm, Dance Studio @ Burgate School, SP6 1EZ

School Years 3 - 6

Monday - 4:15 - 5:15pm, Dance Studio @ Burgate School, SP6 1EZ




New dancers are welcome to join throughout the term. We offer everyone a free trial class so you can see if you will like our lessons with no obligation. If you wish to sign up following a trial class then term fees for the remainder of the half-term will apply.


All our weekly classes are £6 an hour, please visit our FAQ for payment information.


Are students moved about the classes and do they have chance to move up the levels?

Yes the dancers with us are monitored on a regular basis and will be moved to a higher class on the teachers recommendation. 

Do we have to pay for classes?

Yes, all our weekly classes are £6 an hour. Once you have been allocated a place you will receive an invoice half-termly, including information on the ways to pay your fee. Please note: Unpaid fees will result in you child’s place being withdrawn.

Do we reapply each half-term?

No once you are with us we simply invoice you half-termly, before the end of each current half-term. If your child decides not to return, we request that you let us know at the end of term, so that we can bring in new dancers from the waiting list.

Are the fees payable in advance?

Yes. Cash or cheques made payable to Shake are accepted, or you can pay by BACS.

How is the year organised?

We run 6 half-terms per year in line with the Hampshire school term dates. We break for school holidays.

Can I just observe the class?

Spectators of any kind are not allowed. Parents may enter for the last 5 minutes of class. 

What should students wear?

Anything that is comfortable. Trainers, tracksuit trousers/leggings and t-shirts are the best combination.

Is there any uniform to buy?

There are Shake t-shirts and caps available to buy but uniform is not compulsory.

Are there any drinks served at the classes?

No. Students should bring their own drinks for the classes. 

How many students are in each class?

24 students per class is the limit and some classes are currently full. If we cannot allocate your child a place we will add them to our waiting list.


Alishia Blake


I had wanted to join Shake from the moment I first saw them perform in a show in Bournemouth. Amazed by the professionalism of such young dancers and inspired by the high standards of dance I wanted to be part.

Trained by experienced teachers, passionate about the dance profession, and amidst a diverse group of talented individuals, I was encouraged to push boundaries and encompass my existing skills in dance, whilst exploring new styles. Provided with the opportunities to take workshops, delivered by some of the best choreographers and performers in the industry and in addition given the opportunities to perform in a variety of events, I was able to excel in the style.

Shake provided me with the experience of working both as an individual and as part of a team, and assisted me in becoming a competent performer, competing at both national and international levels of dance (European and World Championships).

In 2012 I gained a full scholarship to Urdang Performing Arts Academy in London on a 3 year diploma in Professional Dance and Musical Theatre. I have excelled in street dance and commercial dance and whilst I must accept that my achievements are as the result of hard work and personal dedication, Shake laid the foundations, supported me on my journey, and to date have followed my progress into the industry, still maintaining an interest in their students following their departure from the school. 


As a current student at Northern School of Contemporary dance I would not see myself here without the time spent at Shake Dance. Continuous opportunities have come up that I can claim due to skills of team work, communication, organisation, dedication, creative thinking and confidence that were learnt during shake. Shake taught us to push ourselves to our best, be ambitious and follow it through with hard work.

Leaving Shake I started university at Creative Academy following the dance styles that I had previously learnt from Shake, and began learning ballet, jazz and contemporary. It became clear to me that Shake had given me a bodily awareness that even the ballet trained dancers could not find. The speed in picking up choreography and applying notes, skills that I am now aware are highly valued in both teachers and choreographers, were learnt at Shake.

It is clear without Shake Dance to kickstart my interest in dance I would not be an employed choreographer and a employable dancer.




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