Our classes are always fun with a great atmosphere, inspiring dancers to reach their full potential in a variety of street dance styles in both choreography and freestyle. Our unrivalled team of expert instructors bring a wealth of knowledge, energy and passion and to add to their teaching skill have all had professional performance experience.

At Shake we adopt a unique approach and structure in our classes allowing dancers to equip themselves with a solid foundation in a variety of street dance styles as well as offering a genuine progression route to higher level techniques:


These classes are designed for aspiring dancers with little to no street dance experience. These classes focus on building a strong foundation in a variety of street dance styles and techniques. Our class instructors have a great sense of patience, fun and understanding and make sure every dancer feels comfortable and confident in class, enabling them to develop their individual skills. Classes are weekly with a duration of 1 hour per class. 

level 2 - drills class:

2 hour intensive weekly class that focuses on enhancing quality of movement and execution of dance techniques and styles. The class is suitable for dancers progressing from our foundation classes or for dancers starting Shake with some background wishing to strengthen their basic techniques. 


Geared towards advanced level dancers and usually focused on challenging choreography. We call it application class as application of techniques is the main focus. In each class our instructors will share different ways of applying a technique/style through a routine. This is to also spark ideas in students on how they can apply the techniques they learn in both the creation of choreography and vocabulary for  their freestyle.  Classes are weekly with a duration of 2 hours per class. 


High quality dance performance requires a huge amount of athletic ability. This class is designed around exercises to improve flexibility, increase strength and boost endurance. Suitable for dancers or anyone looking for an alternative way to keep fit the class is 1 hour in length and open to anyone aged 14 - adult.